View Full Version : Bent Lower Front Jack Flange

Goodyear Travels
10-05-2006, 10:23 PM
I was reading some threads about possible factory changes on the front jack ratings for '07 and went out to the garage to see if a rating was posted on the front screw jack of our new 2720sl. I couldn't find a rating but I noticed that the lower support flange was bent downward. We only towed the TM from the dealership and have not embarked on any adventures. I believe I'm completely innocent in the matter. I've enclosed a few photos but I don't know if they can be included in the thread.
It doesn't appear that the flange is weight bearing and that it's simply a guide to hold the jack vertical. If that is correct should I just bend it back into position with a crescent wrench or should it be reinforced somehow? I would appreciate advice. Thanks, Eric

10-06-2006, 07:13 AM
Eric -

The thread you are referencing discussed the weight ratings of the four stabilizer jacks, not the tongue jack.

As far as your tongue jack is concerned, it is apparent that someone either tried to move the trailer while the jack was still on the ground, or retracted the jack a little bit, moved the TM, and the jack caught the ground while the trailer was moving.

I would have the jack replaced. The problem as I see it is that once the metal is deformed, the jack could suddenly fold up and collapse at some time in the future. You don't want the 500+ pound tongue weight to fall on your foot (or worse).