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Goodyear Travels
09-09-2006, 11:42 PM
My wife & I just purchased an '07 2720SL. We are supposed to pick it up in 5 days. Our pulling vehicle is an '01 Tacoma, extracab, 4x4, with a 3.4 V6. We were told that our truck can comfortably deal with the tow weights, however, a sales manager recommended an load equalizer bar. In reading my Toyota owner's manual this evening I noticed that Toyota recommends that the tongue weight not exceed 350 lbs. The 2720's published tongue weight is 390 lbs (probably without the bottles, battery, & options ??). Does anyone have any experience or suggestions -- besides getting a larger vehicle ??? Do I need the equalizer bar to be more safe on the road & will it interfer with our swing hitch ??? Can anyone recommend a brand or type of e. bar ??? Wishing you all wonderful adventures in your TM's, eric

Tuscany Bandit
09-10-2006, 07:16 AM
Try this:
Good luck with your new TM

Virginia Deacon
09-10-2006, 10:38 AM
When we bought our TrailManor, I asked about a weight-distributing hitch, and our dealer recommended this hitch. See http://www.equalizerhitch.com/ for more information.

As soon as we pulled out of the dealers, we were very impressed with the difference between towing with this WDH and without one. We had previously pulled a popup trailer of similar weight and size, but lighter tongue weight. We had experienced some bouncing (even with gas rear shocks) and occasional sway. This WDH distributes the tongue weight between the TM and the TV, preventing sag/bouncing and sway.

When combined with the electric jack, hookup is pretty smooth and easy, too.

Happy Camping!

09-10-2006, 10:44 AM
I read the thread above but did not see anything on a WDH. The Toyota owner's manual cautions not to use a weight distributing hitch? FWIW I tow a 2007 2720SL with a Jeep Liberty V6 with tow package and an Ez Lift WDH. The Jeep Liberty is not an ideal tow vehicle but it has been getting the job done for me. I've towed up some pretty good grades at 60 mph (or more) with the engine winding up to 4500 rpm or so but no problems with power or with overheating the engine or tranny (O/D off). The Liberty has a claimed 5000 tow capacity. I'd prefer a longer wheelbase (Liberty is only 104 inches) and V8 power but the Liberty is what I have and it does work. I have not towed at any altitude to speak of though and would have to expect a real drop off in power if and when I do. I would not want to tow with this TV however without a WDH.

09-10-2006, 12:27 PM
Except for some with large powerful TVs, most on this forum tow using a WDH (Weight Distributing Hitch). Like Neil and Susan above, I would not want to tow without one. The WDH will solve your tongue weight problem since it reduces the downward load at the hitch ball and increases the download at the TV front axle (good for steering control) and at the TM axle (so watch the axle weight, too). It should however be adjusted properly - instructions should come with the hitch and you can find more info on this forum here:
Some vehicle manufacturers have been known to not recommended use of a WDH, but this is usually because they are worried about misadjustment.

I use a Reese trunnion type WDH with 800lb bars and can recommend it.