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Geoffrey Card
05-26-2006, 07:56 AM
We have recently completed our first trip with our 2001 2619. Since purchasing our Trailmanor I have attempted to service all necessary items including the brakes and wheel bearings. With a correctly adjusted WDH the TM towed very smoothly but I noticed that the wheel hubs became very hot to the touch. Our first journey was on winding undulating roads with a lot of brake use so may be the hot hubs are simply caused by the brake use. I would welcome other owners comments.

Geoffrey Card
2001 TM2619
05 Toyota Highlander V6 4WD

05-26-2006, 08:21 AM
There are many factors that can contribute to the hubs getting hot. One, as you mentioned is a lot of braking. Others are - but not limited to - not enough grease in the bearings, bearing adjustment too tight or too loose, bad bearings, too much weight for the bearings, mis-adjusted WDH that puts too much load on the TM axle. Those come to mind. It's hard to say which is the cause on your rig and several may be contributing to the heat. Even dirty grease can cause problems in this area. I am not a fan of the Dexter bearing greasing system and prefer to grease the bearings by hand since I ruined one set of brake shoes using the Dexter system. A good RV shop or mechanic should be able to determine what the problem is. When we picked up our TM the hubs were heating up and I determined that the bearings were too loose. I re-adjusted them and the problem went away. Hope this helps.

Geoffrey Card
06-02-2006, 09:16 PM
Thanks for the helpful suggestions. We have just returned from our second trip with the Trailmanor and the wheel hubs stayed nice and cool! The difference with this trip is that we covered approximately 260 miles in each direction to and from our destination and this was mainly on intestates. We therfore had relatively little braking on this journey plus I reduced the harshness of the brake controller.
We are looking forward to many more great trips and to meeting other Trailmanor owners.

Geoffrey Card