View Full Version : New 2619 owner

05-01-2006, 06:07 PM
Hi all: Finally picked up the TM 2619 lat wed. up at Alachua,Fl, from there went right to a campground to set up the same with the load we had from the Coleman. No regrets yet, i think i made the right buy for our needs, wife and I, except for the fact that the salesman didnt even know how to close it or open it, never mind how to run the appliances, black and grey water dump valves,etc. So i have to ask a lot of questions still, i guess ill call the factory for some answers,even though some are esay to learn, the awning came with a tear towards the end of roll, took care of it already Fiammais sending a new cloth and a local rv place is doing the work, like some off you said their manual s...., nothing to learn from it. ar Like how to run the water heater, what .are those two valves upfront, like drain valves, i guess one is the fresh water tank,anyway i emptied it today. And also i guess ill be needing a wdh my front wheels were kind of in the air. Sorry didnt mean to writ so much.Thanks for everything.