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08-29-2005, 08:51 PM

We are going to be adopting a 6 month old very soon and will need to trade up from our current pickup, pop-up camper. My question, have other families used a TrailManor with a baby/toddler and how well does it work? Would you do it again?


08-29-2005, 09:46 PM
We did 3000 miles this summer with an 18 month old. I always tried to have toys/activities for when on the road and also set up the laptop for movies. I probably will do more miles per day when he is older, this time I rarely did more than 300 a day.
When starting out each day I had his juice cups and milks "preloaded" in a cooler, so as he wanted things there wasn't alot of waiting time.
In the hot summer time, a tiny little pool sure keeps them cool, happy and busy.
The area in next to the wardrobe makes a nice diaper changing station, and the drawer underneath keeps all that stuff handy.
He really likes to push buttons and turn knobs, so keep an eye on the cooking oven knobs.
If I had to sterilize bottles, I would use the type that works in a microwave.
I hope I've covered what you were needing, and yes, I'll be doing it again.

08-31-2005, 09:39 PM
Thanks for the info. and it sounds like a Trail Manor would be an excellent option for us with child. We like to camp, want to continue it with child, were looking for a camper which is relatively fuel efficient and think this is an excellent option for now.

10-13-2005, 08:53 PM
I hope that this is not too old for your original post. I have a one and two year old. We purchased our used TM this summer but have yet to take it camping due to the fact that we're still gearing up. Both of our boys are climbers and ALL BOY and they LOVE our TM. It has been in our driveway since we purchased it and occassionally we go out to do things in the camper and they both want to go into it as much as possible.
Anyway, back to the topic. We have decided to do a few things to make camping toddler friendly. We got 2 adjustable bed rails that we use on the front double sized bed in our TM23 (like the 2720 model to make the boy's "room" The rails go across the entire bed side to make a barrier so that they don't fall out. ($14 for both from garage sale and consignment store) These rails tuck under the mattress and raise and lower on a hinge. They have a mesh view through side. We can put toys up there for them, and the dinette serves as a step down for them to get down (moreso for our 2 yo). We co-sleep with our 1yo so we don't use this for his bed, we haven't decided as to whether or not we'll use this for our 2yo's bed or just a dinette since it's much lower, but by having the rails, it's safer for him. I would recommend that this be for supervised play and not for a "playpin" there are gaps and you need to always watch small children to ensure that they do not become entrapped. . .
We purchased an inflateable pool, large enough for us to get into as well when they went on discount at the end of the summer season. I think for a 6ft. diameter pool it cost $7 and it's a nice quality one. We got a large tote (garage sale find for $2 for their toys that we'll tow along. And we've also gotten a bike trailer so that we can take them when we go biking. (Consignment sale $35 for little tikes unit that doubles as a jog stroller.) Finally we purchased a Play Hut pop up tent room for about $50 from the QVC outlet store. It's huge (7ft sided hexagon) and provides a shaded bug shelter. It will be a great outdoor room for times when we need to stay close to the camper but don't want to be inside. There is plenty of room to set up our picnic table inside, and the pool and have room for their little scooter ride on toys as well. You may be thinking why do they have a screen room for outdoors, well I'm not as outdoorsy as some, though I love the idea of camping, babies are more sensative to the sun, and both my boys have really bad reactions from bug bites so we prevent them as much as possible, plus it gives a second very large space to be in while camping. With kids a trailer gets small quick if you have to be in it for any amount of time.

04-09-2006, 09:47 AM
Hello, We are now proud owners of a new to us, 2001 2619 and we love it! So far, we have had it setup in the driveway loading it up with gear. Last night, we tried co-sleeping with our 1 year old daughter in the back bed. Unfortunately, it was not a successfull test as she flopped around, looked out moved the curtains and looked out the windows and was awake most of the night. We ended up back in the house so all of us could get some sleep. We are thinking the bed is a bit hard so we may try adding some additional cushioning and are also going to velcro the curtains shut. Does anyone have any additional suggestions? Thanks!

04-09-2006, 02:52 PM
You could try moving her out there after she falls asleep in the house.
To make our mattress a little softer, we put one of those egg crate foam things on it.
A comforter on top of that works if you are really a softie.
I always remove all of it when folding up for travel.

04-09-2006, 04:54 PM
The solution we used for closing the curtains at night, are plastic type clothes pins or clips. This gives you privacy as well as keeping light out in the early am.

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04-09-2006, 08:48 PM
We did quite a bit of camping with our two little ones when we had a cabover camper years ago. When the kids were 0 to 3, they each had their own little area that was enclosed (that I custom built either into the camper or so that it would fit into a certain space in the camper). We always brought along their favorite blankets, stuffed animals, etc. and music box. Where we had their beds, there was no window right next to the bed, so they couldn't see much. They were always kind of excited the first couple of nights we went out, but after a while they got used to it and just kind of took it in stride. I'd be really nervous sleeping with a baby in that high back bed since it's a ways down to the floor. If you have one of those folding travel cribs (I think they're called a "pak and play", they didn't have them when ours were little, had to make my own out of PVC pipe & cloth) it might make a good bed for your little one. It might fit on the floor between the dinette seats in the front.

I wish we'd had our TM when the kids were little, it would have been so great what with the shower, tub, and all the extra conveniences.

Hope you have many fun trips in your TM with your little one!


04-09-2006, 11:16 PM
For their kind words and advice.

We agree that she was most likely quite excited, as we were, to have a new camper. In addition, we've also figured out she was cutting some molars today and, later on in the evening, got sick. These things, plus being excited, probably contributed to our sleepless night.

We are going to doing some more 'dry runs' in the driveway next weekend and I suspect life will get easier after a few more nights in the camper.

04-10-2006, 08:23 AM
I agree with the others in that a little planning goes a long way. Fortunatly the DW is great at getting ready all that they will need. We had a large PU last year and upgraded to the TM this year. We havent been out yet but can't wait. The DW will enjoy not hauling the kids to the shower house all the time sometimes twice a day as my son like most is "all boy" and into every dirt pile he can find. We co-slept our 18mo son with us in the PU because he frequently woke up with campground noises and it helped having us there but have found that a soft CD/radio in the background helps him and we hope to let him now over 2, have the couch this year. the 7yr daughter regularly brings a friend along. Bringing a friend is great if you have the means. It keeps them busy and with a walkie talkie she can head to the playground, as long as we can see it. we can pack up and she burns some energy for the ride home. we also try to stay at the closer kid friendly parks for now and will save the longer sight-seeing trips for when they are a little older. The idea of the small play tent was a great idea. we got one of those small 2-4 person dome tents $15 on sale and we put it outside which gives a shaded play area and also a place to toss their toys and things when off at the pool or in for the night. It helps keep things out of sight and dry from morning dew. Although when the rains come I just fold it up and store the toys in the TV.
I really like the yogi parks for the kids. There are always activities planned all day long.
I hope this helps and have fun with your TM