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john boy
08-11-2005, 07:48 AM
I've Been Looking For A Tm And The 3124 King Seems To Fit My Family. They Don't Care For Tent Camping Too Much. So, This Will Be A Great Change. However, So Many Questions. By The Way, This Is A Great Site! Are There Any Concerns With This Model. I Plan To Store This Outside With A Cover Once I Find One. The Tm Is Much Bigger Than My Garage. Has Anyone Had Any Problems With Condensation Or Leaks For Storing Outdoors? Also, I'm Looking For A Preowned Because Of $$$. Any Concerns Of Buying Second Hand? Thanks So Much For Your Responses...the "green" Camper..

08-11-2005, 12:46 PM
We bought NEW this year and are really enjoying it. THey are magnificantly engineered. Be sure to check all the screws frequently -- they can shake loose on bumpy roads. I would not hesitate to buy a used TM given the experience I have had with this one. However, we bought a new one just becuase...
Queeniereads aka Judi

08-12-2005, 09:01 PM
We had the good intentions of storing our TM in the garage; it has not made it there yet and is still sitting in our driveway (sans cover) when not in use. We bought new, and it is now just over 2 years old; no leaks and only a bit of mold I need to wipe off one of the roof vents. Sun fade on some parts of the TM is the only thing I have noticed.

I've washed the TM in both the up and down positions, and the only leaks I've had are when I spray the hose in directions rain is not supposed to go. I'd suspect some of the silicon caulk seals will give way before the basic shell seals do. A site search on "leaks" or like should give you more info.