View Full Version : Mike & Kelly's TM 2720 User's Manual -- smaller PDF version now available!

10-21-2004, 02:07 PM
We purchased a TrailManor 2720 last year and it was delivered by late November (this was to be our first joint camping experience). By then, winter had set-in and about the only thing that we could do was open & close it in our driveway, sleep in it over night, and read everything that came with the trailer.

I quickly found out that the RV industry does not send out comprehensive manuals, but rather sends you a manual on the basic trailer plus manuals on the accessories that you purchased. I wanted to know --

* How to open the trailer for a new season
* What do I have to do to take a trip
* How do I set-up the trailer
* How to shut down the trailer
* How to store and cleanup the trailer upon returning home
* etc....

In addition, I wanted a single place to look for instructions to operate my appliances.

I was lucky - I had become a subscriber to this board before buying our trailer. I found a ton of information, and Ed Felker's checklists. Ed was kind enough to send me a version of his checklists with some illustrations. From that point, I began to write a manual for me and my wife (covering my specific hardware). This was the start of "Mike & Kelly's TM 2720 Manual".

With the new board and the formation of the "Library", I thought that my manual might be useful to other folks. With help from Bill - I offer this manual to everyone else on the board. I hope that you find this helpful. The manual is large due to the illustrations.