View Full Version : How to get to the Trail Manor factory

05-11-2021, 06:52 AM
If you are planning a visit to the Trail Manor factory, you will need help finding it. An internet search for “Trailmanor” or “TM Industries” will turn up several facilities and addresses, none of which are where you want to be. Don’t make that mistake.

My wife and I recently went to the factory for some work on our TM. Having heard the horror stories of wrong locations and impassible roads, we tapped our favorite resource, the Forum, for guidance. Shane123 and Larryjb came through with answers. If you are like me, and want to see a map before going, it turns out that you need to do a map search for “Upland Colony, South Dakota”. Once you find it, it is still not really clear how to get there, but with Shane and Larry's instructions, it can be done. Keep reading here, or see the thread at

At the suggestion of Paul Wipf at TM, we were staying at the Lake Mitchell Campground in Mitchell, SD. This is a really nice city-owned campground, on the shore of Mitchell Lake, and I recommend it highly. Lots of grass and trees, level sites, good wi-fi, and the lake itself makes for a nice experience. They have quite a number of W/E/S (water/electric/sewer) RV sites, several more that are W/E only, and a lot of water-only tent sites on the lake.

There is also a KOA in Mitchell. It looks good online, but I didn’t have time to check it out, so let me start the directions at Mitchell Lake Campground.

As you leave Mitchell Lake Campground, turn left (north) on Route 37. This is a main artery in the region. Follow Rte 37 about nine miles, then turn right (east) on local road 243, which is well-signed. After about 1 miles on road 243, you will dip down into a valley, cross the James River on a nice concrete bridge, then climb back up and continue another mile. At that point, turn left (north) on farm road 412, also well-signed. Up ahead on the left, you will see a group of several big steel grain storage silos and outbuildings. There are several entrances to this complex - you want the fourth one, which has a Trail Manor sign. Once in the complex, drive straight back to a long low steel building with two big overhead doors opening into a big gravel parking area. Pull to the side of the lot, and check in at the office entrance.

It is worth noting that 243 and 412 are farm roads, unpaved gravel/dirt. If the recent weather has been dry, you can travel them at 25-30 mph, but if it has been raining recently, it will be muddy. Not dangerously muddy - you won’t get bogged or stuck - but you might want to creep at 5 mph to reduce the amount of mud that ends up on the front of your trailer. South Dakota mud dries into concrete. There is no alternate way to get there.

The people in this building are wonderful - and they are experts at all things TrailManor. We enjoyed the entire experience.