View Full Version : Avoiding rotated photos

12-09-2020, 12:38 PM
All too often, we see this in a For Sale post.

"Sorry about the photos. They are upright on my phone. I am not sure how to correct this."

This is annoying to everybody, especially the person who posted it. And when it happens in a For Sale ad, it can cost you a sale.

This is a "feature" of Apple phones. If you hold your iPhone sideways or upside down when taking a picture, the phone saves the picture without correcting the rotation. Instead, it saves the rotation information separately, and uses it to correct the rotation when the photo is displayed on an Apple device. However, not many non-Apple devices and apps make the correction. This Forum is a good example - and the result is rotated pictures.

The easy solution is to hold your phone upright when taking a picture. For Apple, "UPRIGHT" means the VOLUME BUTTONS ARE FACING DOWN. If you do this, the picture will display correctly for everyone.