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05-20-2019, 08:30 AM
Our long-time member DAB1950 has sent some valuable service info for the TM's Suburban water heater. His letter and the associated files are copied here. Thanks, Doug, for the kind words and the valuable information.



Thanks for all you do for the Trailmanor owners forum! We owners are deeply indebted to you for the awesome help and guidance over the years.

I was having some issues with my SW6DE water heater in our 2720 SL. I searched in our TMO forum but also did some searches on the internet and found the following two documents with extremely helpful info.


I could not find these documents on our forum either for download or referenced by a link. Please review these and consider making these documents available to our members.

Thank you in advance for your time.

Doug {...}
2006 2720SL
Username = dab1950

01-13-2021, 03:28 PM
Those manuals came from the Forum at Heartlandowners.org, and I had put copies directly into my post above. Unfortunately the Moderator over there has asked me to remove them from our site. His reasoning has some merit - if they update a document, they don't want us to have an old version here on our Forum. He doesn't mind if our individual members find and download an up-to-date copy when needed, even though it may be modified again later.

Much of the info on the Heartland site applies only to Heartland trailers, and doesn't apply to us. And much of the water heater info comes directly from Suburban, so you can get it there. But one water heater document was created by folks at Heartland, and has the Heartland notice on the cover page. This document is quite good. If you would like to see it and download it, I suggest you go to manuals.heartlandowners.org, and then rummage deeper, and deeper, for Troubleshooting and Repair Tips on the Suburban water heater. Be sure to find the Heartland document.