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05-15-2004, 03:58 PM
After my post of May 11, where I stated that I wouldn't trust this dealer to tell me the time of day, much less sell me a fairly expensive trailer, things have changed.

Todd Thiesse, the western states factory representative,contacted me and assured me that this was not the way Trailmanor does business. He told me that he had discussed my situation with the dealership owner (Ed Hannon), the general manager (Devon), and the sales manager (Roy). They invited me to "try again" and come to the dealership this weekend for a special celebration they had going.

I was still wary, and after discussing it with my husband, we agreed we would call Todd and judge our reception by him. He could not have been more open, friendly and helpful. We decided to chance it and went to the Ed Hannon RV Center today at about 10:30. It's past 2:30, and we just got home, owners of a new 3326K Trailmanor.

Todd shook our hands and apologized. Devon shook our hands and apologized. Roy shook our hands and apologized. Ed was not there today, but we were assured he felt the same way.

After answering all our questions and letting us know how our first visit should have gone, we were turned over to sales consultant Janet Kelley. What a wonderful woman. She is new to Trailmanor (as is the dealer), and could not be more excited by them. Everyone was anxious to make us feel welcome, and we were eager to buy. The sale went smoothly.

I can now say that I will do business with Ed Hannon RV Center again anytime, and am happy I took the time to post my concerns because, as Roy pointed out, if they don't know it's wrong, they can't fix it.

Thanks, guys. You fixed it.

07-31-2004, 04:17 PM
I just checked out a 2619 at the so cal dealer Custom Rv. Very nice and knowledgeable. I wanted a clearance '04 though and he only had new '05. I contacted Ed Hannon dealership AZ, and they wanted over $2,000.00 more for their discount '04 than Custom Rv did for their new '05. Their '05 was even more.

I'm going to buy it over the phone with the Fort Worth dealer today and then drive out there from So. Cal. He is selling me a discounted '04 that he guarantees is new, and promises no tricks.

Any comments on this dealer?? I'm scared to drive so far and then discover that I'm getting a demo or damaged unit.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.