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05-11-2004, 04:05 PM
I'm stuck. I want to buy a Trailmanor, have for years. There was no Arizona dealer. Now there is. Right in Tucson. I went to see them, and the trouble began. I explained to the salesman the reasons I was interested in Trailmanor, and listed my experience with various types of trailer/tent combo so he would know I knew what I wanted. He told me it was a new line for them (I knew that) and he didn't really know much about it. We went out to the yard where they had three similar, smaller models only one of which was partly set up. We sat in it for maybe five minutes while he told me that it really wasn't what I should have, and then dragged me around the lot to see two other makes that were nothing like what I had told him I was interested in. As they didn't even have the model I wanted, 3326K, I restated my desire for this line and told him that when they got a 3326K on the lot he should call me. I told him that if it looked as good as I believed it was, I would buy it. I said that if he ordered it for someone else, and it was already sold, I would still like to see it and would place an order if it met my specifications. He was unimpressed. He said they wouldn't even order any more until the ones on the lot sold, and that they only took the franchise to keep it from going to Phoenix. Aarghhhh!!! What now? I don't think I trust these guys to tell me the time of day, much less sell me a fairly expensive trailer. I've heard good things about the dealer in Colorado Springs, should I drive up there and deal with him or go some other route altogether?

05-11-2004, 05:08 PM
It is my understanding that the dealer in CS sells more than anyother dealer around. I also hear that there is one in southern CA that is very good.

I would never buy from someone who would not try to fill my desires or needs! >:(

A personal note I got my trailer second hand from a lady who got it from the dealer in CS, four months earlier. She said they would not let one off the lot until it was outfitted just the way you wanted it (after they explained all that could be done to it) and understood how everything worked! Should I buy another one, that is where I will go and I live app. 1000 miles from there.

Hope this helps.

05-11-2004, 05:42 PM
There is no way that I would go back to that dealer! I'd drive to CS or SC first. You may want to send your experience to:
P.O. Box 130
Lake City, TN 37769

I'm sure they would be very curious about what happened to you.

05-11-2004, 07:24 PM
We have purchased three TrailManors from The Car Show in Colorodo Springs (started with a 3124KB, then a 3326KD, and now an '04 3326KD) and can say without reservations that the Colorado Springs dealership is A1. David Unruh, owner, camps in a TM and knows the units inside and out. He sees to it that each TM that leaves his dealership is throughly checked out and ready to go. Can't go wrong with them.

The Custom RV dealer in Anaheim, California is also a top notch dealer. I have met Scott Eickhoff, dealer, and he too knows the TM inside and out. His dad is also in the business and has had many years experience with TM's.

These two dealerships are reputible and will assist you in any way they can. Good luck with your RV shopping.

Louis (Dixielou)

05-12-2004, 07:16 AM
I've heard good things about the dealer in Colorado Springs, should I drive up there and deal with him or go some other route altogether?

From your description, I wouldn't do business with the Tucson dealer if my life depended on it. I live in Colo Spgs...bought my trailer from the dealer here (The Car Show) and have had them service and modify my trailer (added an awning and side mounted AC). Echoing the above, I definitely can recommend this dealer...there's a good reason why they sell more TMs than any other TM dealership.

As for finding a 3326 on any dealer's lot, that may be very hard...one forum member reported the factory told her that only about six 3326s are made each year. That being said, I have on several occasions seen a 3326 on The Car Show's lot. When I was over there in Feb, they had both a new one and a trade-in. Keep in mind that most RV dealerships have their best in-stock selection in the March to early April timeframe...so if you want to see/buy a new 3326 the time to call around is really next February and perhaps plan a trip to Calif or Colo Spgs next Feb/March. If one of the other models would suffice, The Car Show seems to have a good selection of the popular models (particularly the 3023, also the various 2720s, and 3124s, sometimes 2619s) in stock through at least June/July.

So make some phone calls and start planning a trip. :)

05-12-2004, 06:41 PM
I agree with Texas Camper about informing the TM factory about the sales staff at this Rv facility. But I would go one better, send a carbon copy to the dealer. Or I would go even further. What if we all wrote to this dealer and explained our feelings about his poor attitude. Anyone have this dealers mailing address? Let him know how quickly and far that information about his shoddy service can be spread to others. I do feel that if I were in need of service, I would travel however far it took to avoid him.


05-15-2004, 04:01 PM
This dealer, and Trailmanor have now gone out of their way to correct the problems I had. I am pleased to say I would now do business with them anytime. Please read my post titled Tucson Dealer (redeemed) to get the details.