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03-24-2015, 11:59 AM
When you download a picture from a digital camera, the file size is usually quite large – more than 1000 KB per picture is common - and the picture won't fit on the display screen. Oversized pictures are truly annoying to other readers. Before attaching pictures to your posts, please be sure that they will display at a reasonable size. What is reasonable? If the file size is more than about 200KB, consider shrinking it. Or you can check the picture size (measured in pixels). If your picture is more than 800x600 pixels, shrink it.

There are many ways to shrink pictures, but there are two particularly easy ways. Before you start, know the name of your picture, and where it is stored on your computer.

Microsoft Image Resizer This is a really easy-to-use small program, originally written for Windows XP. I'm still using it on my Windows 7 machine, where it works fine.
Click this link to download ImageResizer For XP from the Microsoft website.
Double-click the downloaded file. This will install the Image Resizer on your machine - that's all you need to do.

To use the Image Resizer
1. Navigate to your picture, but don't open it. (Opening is usually done by double-clicking the name of the picture.)
2. Right click on the picture name. A context menu will pop up.
3. From the menu, choose RESIZE PICTURE.
4. Choose "640 by 480", or "1366x768", or something in that range, and click OK.
5. You're done! The program will resize the picture, and resave it with the same name adding "(Small)" or "(Medium)" to the name. Using the example above, DOGGY.JPG will be re-saved as DOGGY (SMALL).jpg or DOGGY (Medium).jpg

There is a version of Image Resizer available for Vista and Win7 as well. Though it doesn't come from Microsoft, it works the same. Find it at


Also pretty easy:
Microsoft Paint
1. If you don't want to download a program (even a small one), find the program called "Paint" or “Microsoft Paint” that is already on your computer. It is probably under START > PROGRAMS > ACCESSORIES > PAINT.
2. Start the program, and at the top of the window, click FILE > OPEN. Then navigate to your picture file, and click OPEN. Your picture will appear.
3. Again at the top, click IMAGE > STRETCH/SKEW.
4. In the boxes under Stretch, enter the desired size of the new picture compared to the original. A good place to start is 25 – that is, you want the new picture to have 25% of the width and 25% of the height of the original. Be sure you enter the same number in both boxes – and be sure you enter zero in the Skew boxes.
6. Again at the top, click FILE > SAVE AS. Enter a new name, but one that is similar to the old name. For example, if the original picture was named DOGGY.JPG, then perhaps a good name for the new one would be DOGGY25.JPG, to indicate that you have shrunk it to 25%. Click SAVE.
At this point, DOGGY25.JPG is the new and smaller version of the picture, and is ready to post. Go ahead and attach it to your post, and see if you like the result. If it appears too large or too small on the screen, repeat the process – open the original DOGGY.JPG, and use a shrink factor that is larger or smaller than 25%.

By the way, you don’t have to worry about creating the miniature “thumbnail” view that will be seen at the bottom of your post – the forum’s software does that automatically.