View Full Version : How to attach pictures to posts

03-24-2015, 10:16 AM
The process is relatively simple, but can be confusing at first. Most problems seem to result from not scrolling down far enough!
Before you begin, you must know where each picture is stored on your computer. Then do this.

Make the text part of your post as usual. Once the text is posted, continue with these steps.
Go to the bottom of your post
Click EDIT
In the EDIT window, click GO ADVANCED
Scroll way down and click MANAGE ATTACHMENTS
In the directory listing, navigate to the first picture and click OPEN. The filename will appear in the BROWSE box.
Repeat BROWSE for multiple pics as desired
Click UPLOAD. Wait for it to be done.
Scroll down and click CLOSE THIS WINDOW

The procedure above shows how to post text and attach pictures, all at the same time. But by starting at Step 2, you can also attach pictures to an existing post. And you can repeat this process at any time to add or delete more pictures.

There is no need to create the little thumbnail picture. The forum does this for you automatically. But the forum does not resize the pictures. If you post a huge picture right out of your camera, the viewer has to scroll back and forth to see it, and this won't make you any friends. Please resize your pictures to something like 640 pixels wide before posting them.

Note to Apple users. If you are posting from an iPad, and perhaps other Apple devices, you can apparently upload only one picture per post. If you try to upload a second picture, either later or at the same time, it will overwrite the first. Sorry, folks.