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12-06-2014, 03:26 PM
We sometimes find that new members of the forum are confused by the acronyms associated with camping in general, and TMs in particular. To help that situation, I have started assembling a list. I would be glad to hear suggestions - PM me - but a list of acronyms can very quickly get crushingly long. I am going to try to keep it simple, and avoid arcane or esoteric entries.

Internet terminology commonly found on this forum
BTW = By the way
FWIW = For what it’s worth
IIRC = If I remember correctly
IM(H)O = In my (humble) opinion
ISTR = I seem to recall

Camping or TM-related terminology used on this forum
A = amps (electrical)
AC or A/C = Air Conditioner, or Alternating Current (electricity)
ACOE = Army Corps of Engineers
BLM = Bureau of Land Management
CG = Campground
CS = Campsite
DC = Direct current (electricity)
DW (DH, etc) = Dear wife (husband, son, daughter, etc)
GVW = Gross vehicle weight
LT = Light truck (tires)
MH = Motor home
OP = Original poster
PM = Private message
PO = Previous owner
PUP = Pop-up (camper)
RV = Recreational vehicle
ST = Special trailer (tires)
TM = Trailmanor
TT = Travel trailer
TV = Tow vehicle, or television
V = volts (electrical)
W = watts (electrical)
WDH = Weight distributing hitch
WH = Water heater

TM model designations
SL (old designation) = slideout living room (sofa)
SD (old designation) = slideout dinette
KB = king bed (no slide)
KS = king slideout (sofa)
KD = king dinette
QS (new designation) = queen slide
QD (new designation)= queen dinette