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09-20-2003, 06:14 PM
::) Hi folks...

I'm new to this board and I wanted to know how you found TrailManors and what finally made you buy one?

I just happened onto their website and immediately thought...hey...what a cool concept! I ordered a brochure right away.

We're new pop-up campers and will eventually upgrade and this could possibly be for us!

Are these considered pop-ups? Someone on my regular pop-up board said they heard there were leakage problems. Is this generally a common thing with this type of RV?

I hope not because I'm really interested in something like this.

Thanks for any info or opinions you can offer! :-*

09-20-2003, 06:48 PM
We came upon Trailmanors way back in 1990 at the Harrisburg, Pa. RV show. We too were avid pop-up campers. We had a 1988 Coleman Plantation which was the top of the line pop-up for Colemqn back then. We enjoyed the ease of towing and handling of the pop-ups, but we got tired of wet evolution. It seemed that it always rained the day that we were to leave. So that meant putting it up when we got home and letting it dry out and then put it away. I didn't like to leave it up because of the sun on the evolution.

So 2 years later at the Harrisburg RV show we looked at the Trailmanors again and bought a 1993 23M (which is the 2720 today). Keith Hulsey was going to the shows at the time, and he answered numerous questions that we had. Of course in 1993 there was no internet to check out new products and get feedback from other owners like on the Trailmanor Forum. So we took the chance and became owners of a 1993 Trailmanor. We would have bought a larger size one, but we were not sure that we would like it, and why spend more money incase this happened. But it was just the opposite. One year later at the RV show in Harrisburg, we bought the 3326 King which is the largest and most expensive unit. Having loved the 1993 model, I knew we would surely love the 3326 with all of the extra things. We kept it for 8 years, and in 2001, we bought a 2002 3326 King at the Harrisburg RV show. For us they are the greatest camper. Others might disagree with me, but I would not want to own one of those huge motorhomes and have to pull a vehicle behind it. Because everyone has different tastes is why there are so many different products in campers out there. If you like the things about a pop-up, you will be more than pleased with owning a Trailmanor.

With any product, you will have some little problems. After all they are made by humans on an assembly line. Not every person feels like doing a 100% job every day. Somedays we are tired or sick, Sometimes we have problems at home, and this affects our work performance. We are not robuts so mistakes will happen.

You were talking about water leaks. I never had any problems with our 1993 or 1994 Trailmanors regarding leaks. Just this year I developed a small leak in the front section. I called the factory, and Jimmy Davis said to caulk the front strip on both sides as I had thought was the problem Voila. No more problem with the leak. The important thing about a product is the company behind the product. The people at the factory are top notch in my book. Anytime that I had a question over the years, I would call and Jimmy or Donny would help me out. Tell me another company where you get to talk to the same person the next time you call for assistance. There are not many out there. Trailmanor goes out of their way to keep you a satisfied customer. I'm sure that there are many other Trailmanor owners out there who will say the same thing about the company.

It's these things that are important to me. Nothing is more frustrating than to have a problem with a product, and all you get is a run around at the Company level. YOU WILL NEVER GET THAT AT TRAILMANOR.

I'm sure you will get other replies from other loyal Trailmanor owners. I know that there are many owners out there who have owned 2 or 3 Trailmanors already. I think that this should say something about the product. Each year, the company improves the units to keep up with the times. I hope this has answered some of your concerns. Hope you join the Trailmanor family in the future!!

Bob Strong

A Happy Trailmanor Owner

09-20-2003, 09:15 PM

Thanks guys...great responses so far! Just what I wanted to hear! I'm glad to hear the manufacturer stands behind their product!

As I mentioned before...this is our first year pop-up camping and it has rained every time we camped except last weekend. The popping up and drying out in the garage is kind of a pain. I can see myself getting tired of doing that eventually. Plus...I know we'll want something bigger as well.

Happy camping! 8)

09-21-2003, 07:44 AM

We've had no leak problems. I remember the first time we were out in the TM and it rained. We heard the *tinkle* sound on the roof and wondered what it was! The sound that rain makes on the TM roof is one of the unexpected pleasures of the TM, I think.


09-21-2003, 09:56 AM
We have had two leaks so far; that's one reason we haven't taken the TM out for a weekend. The first leak was the seal on the roof A/C and the second was the seal on the vent in front of the A/C. Jimmy Davis at the factory has been great. He approved our taking the unit to a local RV shop for warranty work since we are 2 1/2 hours from the nearest dealer. Very convenient for us since we live only a couple of miles from that shop.

09-21-2003, 11:51 AM
Others might disagree with me, but I would not want to own one of those huge motorhomes and have to pull a vehicle behind it.

we saw a motorhome on the travel channel that had a garage built in. the garage door opened at the rear of the motorhome, a ramp came down, and out came a little car that the owners could tool around in. price for motorhome: $350,000.00

09-21-2003, 01:03 PM
Is this the motorhome you were thinking of?

It's the new Travel Supreme Mid-Engine Diesel Pusher. http://www.travelsupreme.com/products/me2.asp
(Mini Cooper sold separately :))

At least you wouldn't have to worry about your dinghy getting all dirty while traveling. ;D

09-21-2003, 06:11 PM
We were constrained by a homeowners' association that required RVs and campers to be kept in the garage - or off site (quite expensive). So our first consideration was - how could we get the most living space in that maximum closed size? We had about talked ourselves into a Coleman Niagara, but the idea of camping in bear country in a canvas-sided trailer worried my wife, so we procrastinated. We looked at a few Hi-Lo's, but in a size that would fit our garage, they weren't all that big. And they were heavy! On a whim one day, we walked into a local RV dealer's showroom to talk, and once he realized he wasn't going to make a sale (he dealt in full-size units only), he steered us to the TM web site. And we never looked back.

According to the web site, anyway, the 2720SL with swing-away tongue would fit our garage with inches to spare. It was much bigger than a Hi-Lo, and had great amenities. The Providence RI RV Show was coming up, so we drove down, and met Dana Cheyne from MCD RV. He had three units on the Show floor, let us play with one for an hour, walked us through all of questions, watched us set it up/take it down several times - and we were sold. Dana managed to get super-fast delivery from the factory, to meet our upcoming travel schedule, and we have been enthusiastic owners ever since.

So it was size that got us there initially - but quality that kept us happy. And this board has been a big part of that picture - I have learned a LOT from the people here. Thanks, Chris!


09-21-2003, 06:22 PM
ray, yes that's the motor home we saw on the travel channel. what a different approach to the tow idea.

09-21-2003, 07:55 PM
I first saw an ad back in the late '80 and thought, if I ever get one, that will be the one. We were so busy working that we had no time to travel. Never could work it so that we were both off at the same time. When we retired I started looking, you know just to make sure.

Just happened to stumble upon a used unit that had only been use 13 nights and only about 200 miles from here. Sent a email, she said she would bring it down for us to see, and we ended up keeping it. Still think it is the best for us. My wife does not like driving at all and is very unsure when pulling. I had never pulled anything and was unsure also.

Now, I just whip around the in the thing like I'd been driving big rigs my whole life. No worries, well almost none, I do worry that when I pass someone I might not leave enough room sometimes.

09-23-2003, 08:48 AM

I am new to camping myself. Our first trailer is our current 97 3023. We moved to Utah about a year ago. I rarely ever camped and my wife grew up camping in the mountains etc. We went camping with her Aunt and Uncle and I immediately fell in love with the mountains and camping, cooking outside, etc. Plus my 2 year old daughter absolutely loved it. We decided we needed to get a trailer for the following year. I started researching trailers and knew I would have to get a truck as well to tow it. I just happened to come across the TM website and thought that seemed to be the ticket. I found on the website there was 1 dealer in SLC. So when I called to find out the prices I was a little shocked at the price of the TM brand new. I then asked if they had any used TM's and he said he has only seen 2 used TM's come through his dealership in the last 20 years and the 2nd one just arrived today. My wife and I went and looked at it on a Thursday and bought it that Saturday. Having a trailer that is so light allowed me to buy a 1/2 ton truck instead of something bigger. We have used it twice this year and loved it. It is a cinch to operate, tows like a dream, and has plenty of space. The way this all happened so quickly, I think we were just meant to have a TM. Just like everyone says, this board it fabulous, Jimmy Davis is fabulous, and the TM is fabulous!

09-23-2003, 04:41 PM
I went to a RV show and went through every single trailer. The first thing that got my attention was that the TM was different. There were three main selling points:
1- the bathroom has more room than most other RVs.
2- much better fuel economy
3- no need to buy a big vehicle to pull it. 8)

09-23-2003, 06:28 PM
Forgot to mention about the leaks. I had a temporary leak the weekend before last until I remembered that I had opened it in a steady rain. I had gotten lazy and didn't bother to level the TM. The door side was higher so water ran down the outside then came in around the door hinges. The problem was solved as soon as I leveled the TM. I fell asleep to the sound of the unique sound of the rain on the roof. BTW - It seems that every time I use the TM it starts raining. When I start for home - clear skies. I'm still amazed at how dry it stays on the inside.

09-24-2003, 08:10 AM
Back in the early 1970s my parents purchased a used trailer, and I always enjoyed my few trips with them before college. When I saw an ad for the new Coleman pop-ups with slide outs, I was sold, however, after long discussions and considering other kinds of units, Ellen said she absolutely wanted the secure feeling of solid walls and a full size bathroom (small as RV bathrooms are, that is). I insisted on the open feeling you get with a pop-up where cabinets and counters tops are lower. The Trailmanor was the perfect solution. It is very easy to tow (the one thing I dreaded about with full size trailers), has all the amenities you could want, and is very well built.

During a really bad hail storm this spring, we developed a leak at one of the overhear vents. After consulting this excellent board, we took out the old caulk and replaced it, which is something even some as non-handy as I could do. Since this is our third season, I don't think a leak at this time is really a problem.

Eventually, as our kids get bigger, we may want more space, but for now, this was a great purchase.

09-24-2003, 08:17 AM
Our major consideration when upgrading from our Coleman pop-up to the TM was the weight of the trailer. We couldn't afford a new camper and a new vehicle, so we had to find something we could pull with our Ranger. I ordered brochures from just about every manufacturer that advertised lightweight campers. The Trailmanor brochure was the first to arrive. We studied it carefully and were quite impressed. As each brochure from the other companies came, we compared those campers to the TM. We kept the TM brochure and tossed the others in the trash!

On one of our camping trips to Cherokee, we took a day trip to Knoxville to visit what was then the closest dealer to us. We had planned to just look at the TM, but we ended up giving them a down-payment and came back two weeks later (on our next camping trip to Cherokee) to give them the Coleman and pick up our 2720.

The Ranger was able to pull the camper, although we had to use the truck lane going up Saluda Mountain every other weekend on the way to Cherokee. Wayne always said, "If I only had 50 more horse power!" Then we came across a great deal on the Explorer .... and it has that extra 50 hp. Now we are the proverbial happy campers!!!

01-08-2004, 03:40 PM
Forgot exactly when, in the Mid 90's or so, I was cruising west on IH 40 about 75-80 mph. Noticed something being towed moving up behind. I was somewhere in Tennessee or Arkansas and finally he guy blew past me pulling his TM. I remember I thought what a neat trailer - wonder what it is. About a mile or so later he was slowing to exit so I hurried up to check out the Brand name again and I remembered it from then on.

A few years later one of the daughters wanted to get involved in boating since those are the best family times she remembers and wanted her kids to have some similar good times. She thought boating too expensive so camping was suggested and I knew a guy at the office with a Popup and I suggested that. We ended up buying a new 98 Coleman Niagara equivalent but I remembered the TMs so looked up their web site then decided that would be RVing not camping. Daughter bought a plush TT.

We kept thinking about TM over the years as I wanted to escort our three daughter's families to Yellowstone. In any event we even traded again for a new 02 Niagara and once more we considered bear country and the TM but was talked out of it again, "don't base a purchase on one trip dad". I was sold on the luxury of TM (quality really) since we had been in one at a show in 1999.

Finally I retired and Karen will in Apr 05. We realized we both really enjoyed our camping experiences and thought we may do a lot more and some RVing too. Eldest daughter bought a very nice TT last year moving up from Popups. We considered TTs, 5th Wheels, Hi-Lo (including the lites) and diesel pushers. Everytime it just comes back to practicality and mostly just having fun.

When you pass them, have you ever noticed the faces of the old geezers (like me) driving or trying to drive their big units down the Interstate, in traffic and/or wind. I just knew there has to be a better way to have fun and enjoy the drive.

So we finally did it after years of consideration and studying this board. The board has been our single most respected source for information and is in fact the real reason we finally ordered a TM. A little, light, high quality trailer from TM is just the ticket for us now, or so it would seem.

01-13-2004, 08:03 AM
We were looking at Coleman pop-ups (which have come along way since the 70s when my parents and I started camping), but Ellen was concerned about the canvas sides, and wanted a real bathroom. The Trailmanor seemed to fit the bill, and we have thoroughly enjoyed it. Of course, now she would like to get a bit more "running around" space that you can only get with a side slide out room, so next year may be our last in the TM.

For ease of towing, construction, excellent customer service from the factory and head-turning appeal, the Trailmanor can't be beat.

01-13-2004, 12:11 PM
We bought our TM 2619 because it is a real hard sided trailer that happens to fold down.

When I make campground reservations, I tell the park that I have a 26 foot travel trailer.

Anyway, my wife wanted something she would feel comfortable towing. We looked at the Alpine and Chalet trailers, but they were too small, and we looked at Hi-Lo trailers too.

We also looked at the traditional Coleman pop-up, but my wife would have nothing to do with them since we live in Oregon and contrary to public perception ::) it rains a lot up here, so it would be wet inside from folding down the plastic and canvas top...

I did some research on the web and found the TrailManor. We liked the basic layout of the TM, and the ease of towing it. We bought ours used after doing much research both on the net and off.

As far as leakage goes, yes, several of our members - including myself - have experienced leaks. Keep in mind that no matter what RV you get, the older it gets, the more potential you have for leaks.

In my case, I had to recaulk the seam behind the awning on the door side. I still haven't done every seam yet. The amazing thing is that in my case again, the leak only happened in the down position!

We've used our trailer in some heavy rainstorms over the last two years, and in my opinion, there is no better place to be as it is warm, dry and comfortable inside!!

Hope this helps!