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Old 08-09-2017, 03:59 PM
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Bottom line: Popping open one or both shells is just so easy to do, we don't bother with/worry about packing things "closed". It's not the same kind of binary that you're used to with a pop-up. If the kids need to pack things before you get home, leave the shells open, and drop them before you leave -- 5 minutes!
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Old 08-14-2017, 09:30 AM
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Now for the other side: I was a Trailmanor owner ('05,2619) for almost 6 years and sold it this past June and now have a Flagstaff microlite 21FBRS( 3940 lbs with awning, battery and full propane tanks) which I tow with a 2017 Pathfinder rated for 6000lbs. It has 1 slide and is so much roomier than the TM. I only tow around the Midwest and to Florida. I get 10.5 MPG now vs the 16 with the TM. I changed because as I am getting older, the TM folding and unfolding, including interior set up after opening and interior prep for folding, was becoming more difficult and was taking longer. I never boondocked in remote areas where the TM definitely has the advantage. I love the convenience of packing everything in the microlite and the ability to easily stay overnite in it on a long trip. The fridge is 4 times larger and cools in less than half the time of the TM. The microlite has many more storage conveniences including a pass thru. That said, the TM served me well for my first RV experience.
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Old 08-15-2017, 07:51 PM
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Originally Posted by wowchad View Post
UffDa that's not good.
Can you get to the fridge or slide a cooler in the door?

...So I guess how is it vs. a pop-up?
On our pop-up I could at least slide stuff in the door and 'down the isle' if you will.
Can I toss ANYTHING in there with it completely down, like bins or duffle-bags?

We usually have the kids pack while I'm at work so we can hook up and go once I get home so it's important to know how that looks before I get too excited.
On a high sided pop-up I can just about crawl in on my hands and knees, not like snaking in on my belly like our Jayco 1207. That was ROUGH, but do-able - especially for the kiddos.
We like to travel, we seem to like to stay at a campsite for about 3 days and move on. We find it very easy to setup and take it down.

There is a little difference. When we had the pup we it would take us about 15 minutes pushing in the canvas, and closing her up when everything inside was ready. With the TM if you have the inside done, it about 3 minutes to put her down.

For weekend trips. I will most of the time have the camper hitch up the TV, put down the stuff inside, keep the fridge running on AC. But leave the camper up. When the DW gets home from work, she changes, adds the last few things to the camper she thought about all day. When she ready to go, it's less than 5 minutes to switch over fridge from AC to DC and have the camper down and headed out the drive.

You do need to bring your leveling block in the TV so you can level side-to-side when you arrive at the CS. We used the mod that trailmanor man discovered from another TM owner to fill water at the CG.

Setting up is almost as simple. Level side-to-side with the blocks, disconnect from the TV, level fwd/aft. At this point its less than 15 minutes and were sitting down for a pop/soda. That includes the DW setting out all the things she want on the counters, etc... We are not rushing, we're retired and in no hurry.

I know with our pup it took a lot longer to setup and takedown. Im going to say about 1/2 hour until we were hitched up or set up, and that was without setting out everything
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I absolutely HATED my Jayco pop-up. It took a minimum of an hour to set up. Many camping trips were cut short because rain was in the forecast for the last day. Once we packed it up in the rain and after an 8 hour drive, got home, took another hour to set up, all to have the canvas mold. We (2) can set up our Trailmanor in 15 minutes if I put the jacks down. You can set it up or take it down in the rain without anything getting wet. Of course storage in the garage keep the TM in great condition and saves on storage fees/angry neighbors!
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