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If I am not mistaken, every device should work when connected to 120V shore power, even if no battery is installed. Easy to test the furnace, assuming the propane is turned on, just turn on the thermostat and wait a couple minutes for the heat.

If some of the 12V devices, like the radio, act faulty with shore power ON, then try disconnecting the camper battery and try again. We discovered recently that having a bad battery connected can interfere with a couple of the 12V devices even with shore power connected.

Once you see everything work with shore power, then the only remaining test would be to see if all the 12V items (lights, water pump etc.) work from the battery alone. This is where you would unplug the shore power and connect jumper cables as others mentioned above. Unless the unit already has a good working battery.

I personally wouldn't even bother with that. If I already saw every thing work on shore power, then most likely any problems from the battery would simply be the battery wiring or fuse, etc.
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