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Originally Posted by Larryjb View Post
it may or may not be obvious, but keep your car/truck running when you attach the cables. Make the last connection to a ground away from the battery. (In rare cases, a battery may have produced hydrogen gas which could explode if you create a spark near the battery). Also, make sure you connect the negative to the true negative of the trailer battery. I haven't checked mine recently, but I heard that the black on the trailer battery may be the 12V using the color convention of AC wiring, and white on the ground.
I'm not quite sure I'm following everything here. I would do the following:
1 - RED to positive on TM battery
2 - RED to positive on TV battery
3 - BLACK to negative on TV battery

Here is where I'm not sure what you are instructing:

4 - BLACK to ?? on the TM - where is the true ground?

Thanks again for the advice.
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