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Default Need gray water tank for 2007 2720SL

Hi to all Trailmanor fans. I have not had much reason to post but have learned a lot from these pages!
I have learned the gray water tank on the 2007 2720SL we have was cracked almost all the way across the middle "rib" on the bottom. Just kind of looks like it gave way vs bottoming out or something of that nature. My RV repairman has epoxyed it and reinforced it with tape but I don't want to leave it like that for too long. We camped this last weekend for a few days and just left the gray water valve open and all was fine but not ideal. He repaired it because he was having a heck of a time finding a replacement for it. Had a few places that "carry everything" but this tank is apparently an odd shape and pretty much needs to be replaced with on for a Trailmanor. He has tried unsuccessfully to get through to Trailmanor themselves. The other option we are considering is to replace it with a smaller tank that will fit in that location.

So...anyone know of a dealer or large RV parts store that carries these things??

Thanks much and Happy Camping!

TM - 2007 2720SL New to us 3/2/13
TV - 2009 Toyota Highlander V6 w/Tow Pkg

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