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Default Dear 2619... It could be LOVE...

Background: I love camping. I grew up in interior Alaska and crave the outdoors. My husband never went as a child, but I think he would have loved it as much as I did. Now we have two young children and I want them to experience the great outdoors...

Plus, we are a military family, so our family is all over the country and airline travel for four people is significantly less appealing to me than hooking up a camper and going cross-country.

SO! I have searched and searched for camper trailers that are low weight, safe for my family (pop up tent trailers just won't cut it for me - I need those hard sides!) and with enough beds to fit us all (a family of four with the potential to grow). Over a year of searching, and...

Today I stumbled upon the TrailManor... Mind. Blown. It is just pure genius.

Before I devote my life and become a forever TM super-fan, I need to see one in person. I am really liking the layout of the 2619. Are there any owners near Fort Hood, TX that would allow me to see their TM in all its glory?

Thanks in advance,


PS this forum is awesome.

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