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Default Dos OR destinations

Originally Posted by ArkyDoodle View Post
One of the overnight stops on the way to Oregon was in Wells, Nevada (right on I80), a Mom & Pop campground called Welcome Station RV Park.....It's basically the owners backyard --- very lush, HUGE cottonwood trees, green grass (no "real" sites, just a large grassy area where the owner instructs you where to park).....Quiet.......and only $15/night w/water and electric

My wife refers to it as our oasis in the Nevada desert.....will definitely stop there again if we need an over nighter...
Kinda depends on what you wish to do during the day??
Earlier chapter in our lives, we resided/worked in northern OR for 15+ years.
Here are two.
1) Crater Lake vs. Diamond Lake
road bike ride around (or part) Crater Lake is epic.

and ~ 3hrs north
2) Metolius River/Camp Sherman (vs. places along the Deschutes, near Bend)
terrific fishing, hiking, mtb'g and some of the best microbrews on the planet.
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