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We are headed out that way some time in the nest couple of weeks.
I use Garmin's Mapsource program with a Nuvi 2497LMT and 550.
If you have a Garmin product, Mapsource is free from the Garmin website and will require downloading another mapping program and installing first if you don't already have a Garmin map on your computer. The second is called Base Camp; it does ok but is really geared more towards the fitness crowd.

To use either load up your camping waypoints, select the route tool and click on the first CG and scroll to the second CG and click on it. Press escape click on the selector tool and click once on the just completed route. You can now edit the route to the roads you want to use. Base CAmp and Mapsource are similar but not exactly the same with this so practice first and upload a route you are already familiar with to the GPS then drive it!

I prefer Mapsource because it does a better job when you view the route in Google Earth.

The second lets me load geocaches in addition to the route(s).

MapQuest and Google maps aren't talking very well to the Garmin products at present.

The POIfactory a web site for point of interest files(POI) has a lot of free files for various automotive GPS devices.

The current CG file there for Garmin is 20k+ waypoints.

Moved our route to here:

We no longer use Street Atlas got ver 10 but the last decent one was ver 6.
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