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Am curious: if some covenants restrict sleeping in an RV. Where are they ? Have always considered mine to be a Mobile Guest Room.

I carry adapters to plug into anything from a 20A 110 to a Dryer outlet (adapter splits out 110) but they are Not Cheap.

Pets bring their own problems, some lingering. At least most children do not have fleas.

Would need a fish disclaimer.

How do you ensure that it is set up properly, this time of year in Florida tiedowns would be a good idea.

How to handle breakdowns/flat tires ?

Who is authorized to move it ?

At least around here, homes/driveways are often raised above the street for drainage which means many driveways are on slopes.

I suspect you would need to study RV rentals and provide some legal marans to protect the TM owner from liability.

Why TM and not a conventional trailer like an Elkmont ? At least something that has a black tank.

Just some quick thoughts.

Just some quick thoughts.