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First, I would suggest becoming a full member for $12. Being a Trial Member reduces credibility/sincerity factor.

That said, some thoughts:
1) Some of us only do #1 in our toilets. That restriction is lost in this scenario.

2) If I leave my unit at someone's house for a week, and they don't have a 30-amp outlet nearby, no AC. If no 20-amp outlet, they could drain battery fairly quickly. While I have solar, and battery drain would not be much of a concern, if TM is parked in a shady area, battery may still drain.

3) Many neighborhoods have covenants against sleeping in an RV. It can be set up for travel prep, but can't be used as accommodation.

4) $500 per month seems low. With hotels being $100 per night, minimum, $300 a week seems more like it, if not $400.

5) Would not want someone unfamiliar with a TT using mine. They are fragile in their own way, and abuse, while not intentional, can easily happen.

6) Water use? Only using for sleeping would defeat some of the purpose. I would have to contend with filling fresh tank, propane to heat water, and dump gray water (and black) after use.

7) In addition to cleaning the TM, dealing with tanks, delivery and pickup, $300 per week is not enough. $400 per week would be a minimum to make it somewhat worth my while. Also, I could easily see more than $500 damage being done, with no recourse. Sure, I could get a credit card number, but I think I would have a hard time convincing MC that I need to charge the card $1,500 for a repair, without the cardholder's signature.

Just my initial reaction. My stepdaughter asked to borrow ours for a bedroom while some friends are in town. I said "no", as I know it would become a playhouse for the kids. Unsupervised kids are very hazardous in any TT.

Good luck! We'll see what others have to say.